Venmo like a pro

Master Venmo with these tricks and shortcuts.

Always pay the right person

There are a lot of John Smiths out there. Find the right one fast — scan his QR code, and up pops his profile. No guesswork involved.

Skip the math

Not good at fractions? Not a problem. Venmo automatically helps you split bills. When you start a payment or request, calculator buttons appear in your keyboard so you can divvy it up easily.

Be a groupie

Splitting the tab multiple ways? We make it easy to send or request the same amount from everyone in a group at once. As you’re setting up the payment or request, just add all the recipients you want to split with.

Express yourself

Sometimes a clown emoji says it better than words. Add personality to your payment notes with animated stickers, Bitmoji, and custom emojis.

Do more with Venmo

Manage your Venmo money

Move your money in and out of your Venmo account easily.

Pay with Venmo

Use Venmo just about anywhere you shop: in apps, in-store, and online.

Shop Local

Pay local businesses the same way you pay your friends on Venmo.

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