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Venmo makes sending money safe, simple, and social. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s why 65 million people love Venmo.

Bringing people together

Venmo isn’t just about transactions. It’s about interactions. Spend and send money the way you need to and share moments the way you want to. From monthly bills to special celebrations, Venmo is for whatever matters to you. It’s the best of both worlds.
Share, connect, and split purchases with friends. Venmo is where your money finds meaning.
Foodie? Green thumb? Stickers, gifs, and emojis help you show and tell.
See what your Venmo friends are up to, share fresh finds, and discover new favorites right in the app.

Making money moves

Venmo is so much more than peer-to-peer payments. It’s a mobile hub for handling your money, so you can focus on the moments. From digital Direct Deposits to the Venmo Debit and Credit Cards, Venmo gives you the flexibility and control to help manage your money, your way.
Venmo helps take the stress out of managing your money, so you can spend and send the way you want to.
Looking to splurge? Use the funds in your account as fun money. Need it in your bank? Transfer money out.
You can Venmo businesses like you Venmo your friends — and use your Venmo money for the purchase.¹

Getting down to business

Venmo is the friendliest way to do business. It’s where millions of users connect with their favorite brands and companies meet their customers where they are. Whether your company is worldwide or just you, Venmo lets you accept payments to your business with ease.
Got a small business or side gig? Business profiles help you level up.
QR codes make shopping as easy as scan, pay, and go, touch-free.
Integrate Venmo into your point of sale to make it easy for buyers to shop and share your brand.

Granting peace of mind

As a member of the PayPal family, Venmo is committed to keeping your transactions safe, so you can focus on sending and spending money how you want. We help protect your transactions with PayPal’s trusted monitoring and encryption technology.
Your financial information is hidden on Venmo and not shared during transactions.
Questions? Need a hand? Venmo’s customer support team is in your corner.

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¹Ability to use money sent to you for Venmo payments to other users or authorized merchants subject to Venmo verifying your required identifying information. Learn more