Better checkout. More buzz.

Accept Venmo at checkout in your app or mobile site, and tap into our social community of over 70 million users.

Meet your Venmo customers

The Venmo community is a social, tech-savvy bunch that loves to shop on their phones. They split, share, and talk about what they buy in their Venmo feeds, putting your brand in the spotlight.


Venmo is already accepted by more than 2 million merchants, with more joining all the time. Meet a few of our partners and hear how we help them succeed.

“We love the social aspect of Venmo and the organic visibility it offers. We’ve seen great results in our relationship with PayPal and now see our users choose Venmo more and more each day.”


“Ease and speed are paramount for our customer experience and integrating Venmo as a payment option helps to make that experience seamless for both A&F and Hollister Co. The ability to use their available Venmo balance in our mobile apps allows customers to quickly and easily complete their purchase.”

Abercrombie & Fitch

“We are incredibly happy with how many customers are using Venmo to pay, split and share purchases with friends. Venmo is a unique way for us to acquire and connect with new customers.”

Accept Venmo

In your app and on your website

Let customers link their Venmo account to your app for fast, familiar checkouts.

On your website

Adding Venmo as a payment option lets customers use their favorite app to pay.

Accept Venmo with a business profile

Accept Venmo with a business profile

Just like a personal profile, your Venmo business profile gives customers a quick way to find and pay you easily.